Submitted by: ISE, Amy Pitsker, Carla Harman

21st Century Skill: communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation, information literacy, initiative and self-direction, productivity and accountability

Purpose: Students working in groups no smaller than pairs can select one landmark you will be visiting on your program abroad. Assign students to be the expert tour guides when you arrive on location as a culmination of their project. They need to create an educational visit to the location they are assigned to. It can be presented in class before you go on your program and continue "while you're there." Although this activity supports this skill area in the preparation before, it will obviously continue while you're there.

Materials: Internet and whatever creative ingredients your students come up with to show what they know

France program resources that support "Expert Tour Guides" activity

German program resources that support "Expert Tour Guides" activity:

Time: 4 hours - 2 hours prep, 1 hour in-class presentation, 1 hour on-site presentation