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21st Century Skills: Media Literacy; Information Literacy; Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

Purpose: Students explore and gain understanding of contemporary issues facing their destination countries and communities. Using news sources and other contemporary sources, students will be engaged in learning about issues that are impacting lives today.


In the News- Any Destination

a. Have students provide a brief news report to the class based on what they found in various newspapers. Are there differences between papers in the stories covered? Are any of the stories covered in U.S. news sources? What are some differences in what or how a story is covered between sources.

b. In country, ask students for daily updates on one or two of the issues they started following before the trip. This could be a great way to check in together at night when you're back at the hotel.

Newsmap: an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of news around the world
Kiosko: Todays Newspapers from Around the World
Global Voices: the World is Talking, are You Listening?

Country specific links:

Asia Society: China File

Costa Rica:
Costa Rica Study Unit 2010.pdf (Some information needs updating. Perfect challenge for your students!)
New Tico Currency.pdf

Ecuador Newspapers

Journal en français facile!
La France d'aujourd'hui.pdf (Some information needs updating. Perfect challenge for your students!)
Civilisation française
Jeux geographic
France - up to date lessons about everything from money to fashion including vocabulary and grammar lessons
Cliché: activity challenging stereotypes of France
Contemporary French songs/videos with lessons
French films with accompanying curriculum
French films with subtitles in French
Français: Blog with contemporary French content
Greenpeace France: Climate Change content in French

Deutschland heute.pdf (Some information may need updating. Perfect challenge for your students!)
Trivial Pursuit in German!

El Mexico de Hoy.pdf (Some information needs updating. Perfect challenge for your students!)

La España de Hoy.doc (Some information needs updating. Perfect challenge for your students!)

Language specific links:

Spanish News Bites
RTVE: Spanish language daily news
BBC Mundo - Inicio:
Spanish news in slow:

Time: as early as 3 months before departure, students spend an hour per week examining a current affairs issue