Submitted by: Jeffrey Bissell (Head of the Chinese American International School and former director of SYA-China), who has spent around 500 days on the road in China with US students, and Zhang Tong 张彤 (Chinese Language Coordinator at School Year Abroad-China)

21st Century Skill: social and cross-cultural skills

Purpose: Travel to China can often serve as the inflection point at which students’ interest in China and Chinese takes off—are there deliberate elements of trip design that can increase the chance of this happening? These handouts and presentation discusses the underlying design principles and practical details for integrating meaningful learning experiences into educational travel in China. Activities that leverage students’ Mandarin skills and prior knowledge of China enhance self confidence and independence by compelling students to engage the local context.

Materials: 2011.04.14 NCLC Beyond Tourism handouts.pdf; Chinese Culture Presentation UCBC-May18.ppt[1].pdf

Time: 2 hours minimum